About Us

About Us

Objectives of  the Foundation

  1. To promote, support, assist and publicize knowledge about education, religion, society, law and research in the various fields.

  1. To promote, support, assist and collaborate with foundations, associations, charities, welfare institutions, organizations and related governmental agencies in areas of public interest.

  1. To promote, support, assist, provide help and arrange proper benefits for the general public and especially for disadvantaged children, youth, and disabled people in education, religion, morals, ethics, health and other areas; as well as to develop their potential, to foster and increase their physical and psychological abilities.

  1. To promote, support, and assist the employment of disabled people.

  1. To promote, support, provide activities, advocate and publicize knowledge of the conservation of the environment, especially through planting trees and increasing forest areas.

  1. No involvement in any political activity whatsoever.