New trends in good health that still stand the digital age.

New trend in perfect health ... New trend in good health that still stands in the digital age.

Health is a picture of happiness. The picture of having a perfect body With a clear and cheerful heart And live happily in society Being healthy is the foundation of good quality of life, which is something that all human beings seek, and having good health is the foundation of longevity with the power of life to be able to continue living with quality. A good life without having to rely too much on those around you is not a burden to your children and society. But to be healthy, we have to learn to live in harmony with nature first.

In the future, consulting a doctor will change the trend into a consultation so as not to get sick. Go to consult to improve lifestyle and lifestyle in order to have the physical and mental fitness that is full of creative energy. Do not wait until illness and then go to treat But will study to find out how to prepare Should have a lifestyle, including eating, living, exercising and resting Will be consistent with one's own inheritance derived from ancestors

Future medicine for the new generation in the digital age will therefore be personalized medicine, also known as Personalized. Medicine And being healthy will start to examine all the risk factors that can cause illness, non-communicable disease, also known as Non Communicable Disease or NCD, which is caused by the aging of the body's operations. everyday life And changing lifestyles to not cause external risk factors that will stimulate various diseases Such as including checking that we should exercise what kind What kind of food to eat? How to get rid of various toxins received from the environment on a daily basis And when being able to adapt to one's own heredity and avoiding the occurrence of diseases from the detected risk factors, it will be able to live a healthy life and a good quality of life.

The new trend in health is therefore a harmonious and harmonious life in harmony with the nature of life combined with the use of modern medical science technology harmoniously according to the principles of medicine. For a long life or Integrated Longevity Medicine

Fundamentals of perfect health
It starts with learning about our bodies, our lives each day, what happens to various systems. Of our body ...
Our body consists of various organs. To work harmoniously together for good health The smallest part of our organs is called "cells", which are composed of cell walls. The nucleus, or DNA, will be like a blueprint that will be used to create new cells to replace the old cells that wear out over time. And another important component in human tissue is the mitochondria, which is the source of energy for cells. When people are over 35 years old, cell division will decrease. We will have new cells to replace the old ones that wear out with less time. Which is the beginning of the aging process

Each day, we get the energy from the food we eat, combined with the oxygen we breathe, resulting in a reaction called "oxidation" to create energy in our daily lives. When energy is used, waste is generated. Called "free radicals" that can cause cells, tissues and organs to deteriorate prematurely if not eliminated Naturally, when we go to sleep and sleep in the dark, the hormones will be produced in order to allow the organs to function normally and some hormones also act as antioxidants as well. To prevent aging

Basic ways of life that will make the body refreshed and healthy That cheerful heart There are many forms, but the most accepted as the future trend of health care is

1. Healthy food
Complete eating in every category By eating a lot of energy foods such as flour Sugar and fat in the morning and eating foods that are repairing and anti-oxidants, including proteins and fresh vegetables in the evening, with a simple slogan that hands to eat like a king. Ordinary lunch And dinner like rags Do not eat foods that are extremely salty and sweet. And do not consume alcohol

2. Exercise for health
Regular exercise In addition to helping to burn excess fat and help in the flow of blood. Studies have shown that regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, especially walking, will stimulate the production of hormones against aging.

3. Deep sleep before midnight in the dark
Adequate sleep in the life cycle, called the Biological clock, will result in the production of hormones that prevent and prevent aging. Fully produced. Therefore should go to bed to be able to sleep deeply in the darkness approximately before midnight And should use various natural methods To sleep without the use of sedatives that will affect the production of certain hormones when used for a long time, going to sleep in deep sleep before midnight is therefore the foundation of perfect health.

4. Clear emotions looking at the world in a positive way
The mood is clear. Training to think positively And optimism Will cause the secretion of happiness The so-called "endophin" comes out to make the various systems of the body fully functional. And stimulate the production of anti-aging hormones Including complete digestion When the body receives good and complete nutrition, it is the foundation of good health.

5. Live life with love
Living with love for fellow human beings and everything around them. Generosity, good things to each other, helping each other And forgive each other When an error occurs, it causes the mind to live happily, which is the foundation of the mind.