Research results indicate !! Tomatoes and tomato juice help prevent prostate cancer.

Research results indicate !! Tomatoes and tomato juice help prevent prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer Is the second most common cancer in men. The study, published in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, confirms that men who eat tomatoes or tomato juice reduce the risk of developing gland cancer. Ball joint

Some experts believe that prostate cancer is a result of dietary habits and lifestyles, with the rate of prostate cancer increasing steadily. The researchers said that changing lifestyle and dietary habits can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


Tomatoes contain antioxidants such as lycopene, which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. This substance will help improve blood vessel function and also control cholesterol. Therefore, patients with high cholesterol problems Problems with cardiovascular disease Should eat tomatoes for good health

Researchers from the University of Bristol, England, led by Vanessa Er, conducted this study to find that Lycopene helps to eliminate toxins that are harmful to the body that damage cells and DNA.

The research team compares food consumption habits and lifestyles. Of more than 1,800 men aged 50-69 years who suffer from prostate cancer And 12,000 healthy men. According to the survey, men who eat tomatoes 10 times a week Less than 18% of the risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Vanessa Er, head of the Faculty of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol and Bristol Nutrition BRU, said: "The research suggests that tomatoes are important in the prevention of prostate cancer. However, further studies are needed to confirm our findings, especially human trials. Men should eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. weight control And maintain good health always. "

According to researchers, plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and fiber, can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. However, researchers also say that it's not just dietary changes. Men should also change their lifestyles, such as exercise for good health.